Artistic Portfolio

Commissioned Paintings, Furniture and Photography

Walken (2015)
A commissioned piece for BE Vapor in Louisville, CO
In Red (2014)
Commissioned piece for a local art collector from 2014. One of my favorite projects, not just because of the subject material...
Generational (2017)
A gift for my father's birthday based on a picture of him and my son
Bronk (2013)
Commissioned piece from 2013
Ron Solo (2013)
One of my first forays into the world of acrylics
Spool Table (2014)
Denver, CO
Coffee Table (2014)
Designed and built custom coffee table from a recycled piece of wood found in a Denver alleyway
Longing (2013)
Denver, CO
Church (2015)
Denver, CO
Planters in Yellow (2013)
Denver, CO
Inverse Pole (2011)
Denver, CO
Chicago (2017)
Boulder, CO
Texturized (2013)
A layered and texturized photo from my time in the RiNo art district in North Denver
Z.P. (2016)
Shot in rural Tennessee in 2016
Peeling (2013)
Denver, CO
Moonlit Bay (2013)
Provincetown, MA
Rule of Three (2014)
Shot during a late night walk in Cape Cod, MA
Park (2018)
Boulder, CO
16th (2015)
Denver, CO
16th.2 (2013)
Denver, CO
Cushion (2012)
Denver, CO
Urban Bill (2017)
Globesville, CO
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