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Foundry Treatment Center

Director of Admissions & Aftercare

2016 - Present

It is tempting to describe work, A New Path and my position there, but living and working in Carbondale, Colorado was so much more than a description would detail (although I did include the resume-style description below). 


A Gender specific extended care substance use disorder treatment and sober living program for men 18+ years old which serves clients from all over the country. Highly individualized residential, transitional recovery program focusing on post-treatment lifestyle reintegration and life skill training. 


  • Provide comprehensive client support/case management services to all clients including intake assessment, benefit assessment, goal setting, long-term case plan development, progress monitoring, individual money management, life skill training, advocacy and referrals.

  • Maintain a caseload of 8-12 clients throughout various stages of the residential/non-residential program.

  • Regularly meet with clients for the duration of their involvement in the program to gauge the success of their customized recovery action plan and adjust their plan (when necessary).

  • Connect families/individuals with available community resources and family recovery coaching services.

  • Facilitate necessary services for clients leaving the residential portion of the program, including (but not limited to): medical assistance, housing, vocational rehabilitation, socialization, money management, therapy, fiscal benefits and other resources.

  • Consistently communicating with Executive Director concerning clients, staff, the facility in general and/or any aspect of the facility which may affect the wellbeing and integrity of the program.

  • Maintained complete, timely, and accurate administrative and clinical records for all individuals on the caseload in accordance with agency requirements.

  • Oversee and manage the maintenance and daily operations for the program's numerous INSPIRED Living Homes and Office.


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